March 6, 2014

March can be an exciting month.  It may not seem like it with our recent weather, but it isn’t described with the idiom ‘in like a Lion, out like a lamb’ for nothing!  Just a few weeks ago (long weeks, it seems!) it was predicted that there would be six more weeks of winter, and I have news for you, I am counting down until that six week mark is through (that would be exactly on March 16th!).  As of today, March certainly is coming in like a lion.

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womensrights3However, March is a wonderful month full of seasonal change when we all start to come out of our own hibernation and look forward to all that spring brings.  It is also a very historical month for both The Danish Home and internationally speaking.  March 11th will mark the 123rd anniversary of the first meeting of the 12 Founding Women who would eventually organize the Society for The Danish Old People’s Home (later becoming The Danish Home of Chicago).  Along the same lines, March 8th commemorates International Women’s Day, which celebrates “the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.”  If you ask me and the residents and supporters of The Danish Home, their 12 Founding Women certainly accomplished many of these achievements. I can’t help but acknowledge those women who have come before us, paving the way.



A few weeks ago I talked about Miss Mary Thorsen, Emma’s granddaughter and one of the original 12 Founding Women.  I can only imagine Miss Mary being on the front lines of the marches that took place in the early 1900’s for women’s rights.  It would have been during her time that the first National Women’s Day in America was observed (February 1909).  In 1910 an International Conference of Working Women was held in Copenhagen, Denmark and women’s rights campaigner Clara Zetkin proclaimed that each year in every country there should be a celebration to keep their cause in the spotlight.  Her idea was unanimously agreed upon, and the International Women’s Day was honored the first time in Denmark (along with Austria, Germany and Switzerland) on March 19,1911.


womensrights2Today, the achievements of the amazing women who came before us are evident in our daily lives, and the rights that are sometimes taken for granted today were fought for by so many determined people at one time in history.  It is awes me that we have such a rich history at The Danish Home of Chicago, and many wonderful women (and men!) who are still working hard to honor what has come before us and leave a lasting legacy for our future.



Do you know an incredible woman?  I’m sure you do and I’d love to hear about her!

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