April 9, 2014

I think it is finally safe to say!  And while the warmer weather brings greener grass, walks, outside play, fresh air and sunshine, it also brings this weekend’s Spring Luncheon hosted by The Women’s Auxiliary.  It’s sure to be a beautiful event now that the melted snow has made way for new blooms and budding grass.  It’ll be a wonderful afternoon to benefit The Danish Home.


Spring makes me think of children laughing and playing outside, dusting off or bikes and loads of things to do outside with our friends.  While discussing this recently during a visit to see Mormor at The Danish Home, some of the lovely residents and I talked about what spring was like for us as children.  We talked about the similarities and differences of growing up generations apart, some of us raised in different places around the country (and the world!), and some of us sharing Chicago as our hometown.  However, the one thing we all had in common was the shared experience of just being a kid and loving to play when spring finally made its arrival!


DAACThrough our conversation it was revealed that many of the residents who grew up in Chicago had been members of the Danish American Athletic Club (DAAC) as children.  The DAAC is a Danish-founded organization, which was originally formed as a means to strengthen bonds between residents of Danish descent here in American while also preserving the Danish culture through native language classes, folk dance and various athletics.


I’ve mentioned the events hosted by the DAAC a few times in previous posts.  There is a wonderful relationship between The Danish Home and the DAAC.  Each month they have a movie night at The Home featuring a Danish film.  In March they showed the crime/drama/thriller SkyttenYou may remember that back in February the DAAC, along with The Danish Sisterhood, held a Fastelavn party (you can view the photos of all the fun that was had on our Facebook page here) The DAAC and The Danish Home have sponsored many fun events throughout the years, including a golf outing last September.  The DAAC also offers many wonderful classes and club activities throughout the year, including their traditional Danish Christmas dinner and Christmas party; Bingo, Gløgg and Æbleskive Party; and their gymnastics exhibition and children’s talent show, which is taking place next Monday, April 14th.  They have something for everyone!

In my post about the Olympics back in January I wrote a bit about The DAAC, its history and connection to The Hope Chest.  Revisit the post here to read more about this intriguing discovery!


Also, in looking through old archives I stumbled across an article in Reyven (The Review), which was a weekly Danish newspaper here in Chicago.  It’s dated March 12, 1899 and titled, New Athletic Club Formed.  The club was named ‘Den Damske Gymnastik – og Athlet Klub’ (The Danish Gymnastics & Athletic Club).  Could this have been that start of the DAAC way back when here in Chicago?

Whether it was or not, it’s safe to say that the DAAC is an organization that continues to celebrate Danish-American traditions and culture and provide the community with many fun and entertaining events and activities for all!