May 23, 2014


spring2There’s no denying the beauty that spring brings, and people from Chicago to Copenhagen are reveling in this splendor after the unseasonably long, cold winter.



Copenhagen in SPring

Springtime in Copenhagen, Denmark

Springtime in Denmark is quite similar to that of the upper mid-west, with mild temperatures averaging in the high 60s to low-to-mid 70s.  Since Copenhagen is surrounded by ocean and the landscape low and flat, the climate tends to be quite temperate.  However, a sudden gust of wind can send a chill down your spine, much like the windy streets of in Chicago are famous for.


Another similarity between Copenhagen and Chicago are the gorgeous trees and blooms that line the city streets, decorating lush urban gardens with colors abound.  Everywhere you look there is greenery and a landscape of color to admire and appreciate.  Not strictly left to the metropolitan cities of Denmark and America, the bounties of springtime are cherished by all of us who have long-awaited its arrival, and the residents of The Danish Home are no different.


Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen LP conservatory spring garden

Pictured above is the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and the Lincoln Park Conservatory garden in Chicago.


Whether it’s walking the garden paths on The Danish Home’s grounds, admiring Krista’s garden with her assortment of herbs, flowers and vegetables, or finally being able to venture outdoors and bask in the warm sun, the residents feel an almost child-like excitement for this beautiful weather (as I’m sure we all do)!

DH garden2 DH garden

Spring also welcomes the resident’s own time-honored tradition of collecting armfuls of leafy branches from the two Beech trees on the Home’s premises. To point out another similarity, the Beech is a deciduous tree native to Europe and North America, naturally grown in Denmark and is their national tree!   So it is only fitting that they use these branches to create an alluring display for the inception table to their Dining Room. Anyone who enters is invited to appreciate this collaborative bouquet, which has come to officially signify the arrival of spring and summer.


A Moment of Reflection

As it is springtime, a time to reflect, admire and appreciate the beauty in our lives, I’d like to take a moment to honor the memory of Stella Booher, a great friend, long time volunteer and resident of The Danish Home.


Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 2.32.57 PMStella grew up on the South Side of Chicago.  Her parents were Danish immigrants who became heavily involved with The Danish Home and The Danish Lutheran Church.  Naturally, from a very young age Stella and her sisters became dedicated and beloved members of the Danish community here in Chicago as well.  In fact, Stella’s sister Elna would eventually go on to found The Women’s Auxiliary of The Danish Home in 1958 (read more about it here).  In 1966, along with her husband John,  Elna was awarded the Royal Medal of Merit, First Class, by The King of Denmark himself for her service to the Danish community in Chicago!


Stella had her own fame as well, attending the Chicago Conservatory of Music to further her music education and singing with the legendary “Tennessee” Ernie Ford in the 30s and 40s.  However, her role as mother, ‘Nana’ and ‘Great Nana’ may have been her most cherished achievements.  Spending her last years as a much-loved resident of The Danish Home of Chicago, and praising it every chance she got, Stella’s memory will continuously bloom in the hearts of The Danish Home community.