fall2There’s nothing quite like the autumn, especially here in the northern part of the country where we experience all four glorious seasons.  Fall just seems to bring with it an invigorating and refreshing quality.  Not only is the landscape around us transforming into a brightly hued scene begging to be appreciated and admired, but also a new school year is beginning, the weather is changing and the days are starting to shorten.  This time of year has a tranquil way of grasping our hand and leading us, euphorically, into winter.  It’s as if Mother Nature crafted it this way as to not shock us with the realization that winter will soon be upon us!


pumpkinsSimilar to those who call the Northern half of the US home, Denmark’s changing foliage is also a welcomed annual event for Danes. Just as Americans look forward to this time of year for apple and pumpkin picking, hay rides and the start of football season, Danes too take advantage of autumn’s many gifts.  There are horse and cart rides in the Sønderskoven woods in Vejle, nature-walking in Raabjerg Mile and Skagen Klitplantage, taking a relaxing autumn holiday in the Esrum Kloster and Møllegård regions, and you can’t forget Halloween in Tivoli!

Fall at Tivoli



Denmark in Fall2The fall also brings many sporting events to Denmark, including the Denmark Open at Odense Idrætspark (Odense Stadium), one of the largest badminton tournaments in the world.  Additionally, each September novel and seasoned runners, young and old, attend the annual H.C. Andersen Marathon, in its 15th year, and named for the celebrated poet and author.  Another annual countrywide September event is Vandrernes Dag (“Rambler’s Day”).  Free and family-friendly, this special day features varied hikes across the country and is a great opportunity to spend a few good hours appreciating the beautiful Danish countryside with the ones you love.


This similarity between the Northern US and Denmark is one that immigrating Danes may have appreciated as they settled in their new home.  Being a newcomer must have been strange and intimidating to Emma and her family, yet being greeted with the golden hue of falling leaves and all of the wonders that autumn brings must have been a warm and familiar feeling.  Perhaps this is why there are higher concentrations of Danish-Americans who have settled in the areas of Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan, among other Midwest states.


fallThere’s no denying the beauty that this time of the year brings.  I love visiting Mormor at The Danish Home and spending time taking walks with her along the grounds in this lovely weather.  There is so much happening in the coming months so stay tuned!


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Denmark in Fall