May 20, 2015


Danish birthdaysBirthdays come around but once a year, and this is probably why they are the perfect reason to celebrate.  One of the best things about birthdays is that you can use them as an excuse to do almost anything you want!


The anniversary of the day we were born holds special significance in a person’s life.  Yes, it marks the end of another year, but even more special, the beginning of another.  It’s a way to reflect on the past year and start anew, and how much more special can that be than with friends and family celebrating you all day?


There are many similarities when it comes to Danish and American birthdays.  In both cultures birthdays are a very special occasion.  American birthdays are usually a full-day affair, and families have their own unique traditions. In Denmark, it is customary that the birthday boy/girl is awakened with breakfast in bed and presents.


dannebørgIn America you can expect presents and well-wishes all day, and dinner or drinks with friends is usually part of your gift.  In Denmark, you bring the cake and candy for your birthday celebration, and you buy the drinks too.  Also, you can expect many a Dannebrøg (“Danish cloth” or Danish flag), as it is a customary birthday symbol.


In Denmark you may find that people thank you for the weather on your birthday.  It is said that the weather on your special day reflects your behavior over the past year, which is yet another reason to always mind your p’s and q’s!


Although celebrating a birthday each year is cause for fun, it is also a reminder of fortunate we are to have such wonderful friends and family in our life.


birthday cardEach month The Danish Home of Chicago hosts a birthday party for their residents where friends come for cake and to celebrate another wonderful milestone.  Mormor loves this celebration with her friends and neighbors. Oh, and of course there are songs…lots of songs!  The Danish are known for their love of singing, so make like a Dane and belt this one out!


Danish Birthday Song


I dag er det [name]s fødselsdag
Hurra, hurra, hurra!
han/hun sikkert sig en gave får
som han/hun har ønsket sig i år
med dejlig chokolade og kager til.


Today it is [name]’s birthday
Hurray, hurray, hurray!
He/she probably recieves a present
that he/she has wished for this year
with lovely chocolate and cakes.



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