June 12, 2015


FIFA-Womens-World-Cup-2015-posterThis evening the Women’s World Cup continues with a match-up between USA and Sweden and it’s sure to be a thrilling 90 minutes!

An estimated 13.5 million viewers tuned in around the world to watch the first round group stage matches, which officially began on June 6th.  In fact, the USA’s opener on Monday night against Australia set a record for largest television audience (nearly 3.1 million!) for a Women’s World Cup group stage game – the 6th most watched soccer telecast in US history – and nearly gained the same viewership as the Stanly Cup Final Game 3 (with nearly 3.9 million viewers), which was on that same night.


In most other parts of the world, including Sweden and Denmark, football is the national sport. However, in America soccer is not even considered one of the ‘Big Four’ (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL).  Despite that, all of the super talented ladies of the 2015 Women’s World Cup have proved to be worthy of the recognition and admiration they are receiving.  After all, the World Cup only comes along every 4 years!


US vs SwedenIf you haven’t been watching, now is the time to tune in.  Not only for the intense, nail-biting excitement that a soccer match provides, but also because the US women’s team is back with a vengeance after their heartbreaking shootout loss in the 2011 World Cup final against Japan.  Additionally, this evening’s US vs. Sweden match-up has yet another interesting twist, since Sweden’s coach, Pia Sundhage, formerly coached the US team for 5 years.  She led them to gold medals in both the 2008 and 2012 Olympics and was with them during the aforementioned 2011 World Cup final, before returning to her native Sweden.


You couldn’t hope for that kind of implausible plot twist in any reality TV episode if you tried…


If that isn’t enough to convince you to watch then here are some more things you should know:


christie rampone

Christie Rampone

The US and Sweden are part of the ‘Group of Death’, characterizing them as the toughest teams in the world (Australia and Nigeria round out the group).  American Christie Rampone, in her 5th trip to the World Cup and the only active member from the 1999 Women’s World Cup Champion team, could become the first 40-year-old to hoist the World Cup trophy.  Now that’s dedication!



Denmark’s team was eliminated in the qualifying round, however, here are two outstanding teams to root for tonight. I know that Mormor and her friends at The Danish Home will be tuning is as well! Who are you rooting for?   Either way, it’ll be a match worth witnessing.  Go, ladies!


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