ice creamLast Sunday was The Danish Home of Chicago’s annual Summer Festival and I was glad I made it out for the festivities.  It was another great afternoon full of traditional Danish entertainment, games and activities for the kids, and loads of Danish fare.  It was great meeting new people and visiting with so many that came out to celebrate and reconnect with old friends.



smørrebrødOne of the best parts of the afternoon was sitting down to enjoy delicious smørrebrød with Mormor and some other friends.  Not only was it my favorite for the wonderful company and the amazing food, but also because of the topic of conversation.  Naturally, I find that you can’t enjoy an amazing open-faced sandwich without admiring its’ delectable ingredients, and that’s just what we found ourselves doing.  It also got us reminiscing on our favorite Danish recipes and the benefits of gardening, eating healthy, and using local ingredients.


country lifeThese days you don’t have to go far to hear terms like farm-to-table, locally grown and organic being tossed around like freshly picked salad greens. But with rooftop farms sprouting up in Chicago, urban farms budding in Detroit and urban rooftop farms blossoming in Denmark it’s easy to see that access to fresh, locally grown food is becoming as popular as…well, as an open-faced sandwich at a Danish festival!


farmers marketNot long ago locally grown was the only option, organic was the standard, and farm-to-table was the rule, not the exception.  If you wanted fresh produce you had to grow it yourself or simply do without.  I loved hearing Mormor and the others tell stories about their family farms and gardens in Denmark.  Learning about all of the amazing homemade Danish recipes created from their hard work makes me appreciate my Danish food culture even more!




It also makes me want to run down to my local farmer’s market this weekend and get the ingredients to bake up some delicious rugbrød (dark sour bread), or maybe for a tasty Flæskesteg (roast pork, cabbage and potatoes) dinner.  Then again, I could always start with breakfast and cook up a delicious Biksemad (pork, vegetable and egg hash).  Of course, I could always just go straight to dessert and make Rabarbergrød (stewed rhubarb with vanilla cream). The options are truly endless…

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Here’s hoping you have a wonderful 4th of July!