July 23, 2015


Back in March I wrote a post about Danish super-company and all-around awesome toy brand LEGO.   Lego is synonymous with childhood, innovation and play, and it’s easy to see why it’s on Time’s 100 All-Time Greatest Toys list.


Today it would be difficult to find a person, young or old, who doesn’t know LEGO.  Each year 19 billion of those iconic bricks are made, and there are enough to give every single person in the world 62 of them!  Creating your own colorful concoctions incites creativity and imagination and can even increase STEM skills, according to some studies.



Back in 1932 when creator Ole Kirk Kristiansen started his fledgling toy company in Billund, Denmark he never could have imagined (even being the innovator he was) its’ distinction as the world’s most powerful brand just 83 years later.


The LEGO company, named for the Danish words Leg Godt, (English translation: play well), was not the only company making plastic building toys in the 1940s.  However, their distinctive bricks were much easier to put together and take apart than most at the time.  True to the company motto ‘det bedste er ikke for godt’ (only the best is good enough), LEGO began with a quality product that children of all ages loved, and that remains today as LEGO continues to build success in the digital age.


There are many wonderful things that have come out of Denmark.  A few of my favorites (there are so many to choose from!) are: Danish food, my Mormor, a wonderful Danish heritage, and LEGO.


Go here to find out how LEGO is working to educate children in need around the world.


What was the best Lego creation you every made? Leave a comment below. 


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