October 14, 2015




This weekend Mormor got to spend a little time with her oldebørn great-grandchildren.  The ones old enough to attend school were off on Monday so we stopped by The Danish Home.  They always love these visits with their Mor Elise, as they call her (or ‘Mo’ for the ones just learning!), because they think it’s the greatest that she gets to live with her best friends!  It’s endearing to see the world through the eyes of children.


vintage_sat_ev_grandma_w_thanksgiving_pie_cross-stitch_pattern_fc1ce637Life can be very busy, but it’s nice to make time for one another.  I know Mormor absolutely adores the time with her great-grandchildren, and I feel fortunate that we live close and can spend that quality time together.  After all, the benefits of a strong relationship between grandparents and grandchildren (and great-grandparents and great-grandchildren, too) are significant.


tivoli halloween


Many students here in Illinois were off from school this past Monday. Similarly in Denmark this week it is efterårsferie, or autumn holiday.  Students have the week off from school and many families will be spending time together at places like Tivoli, where the Halloween season officially began on October 9th.  Additionally, this past Friday was Kulturnatten (Culture Night) in Copenhagen.  During this annual event the streets fill with people excited to experience the city and its’ many cultural offerings from museums, galleries, libraries, churches, theatres, music clubs and more.


In Other News:

The 111th World Series begins on October 27th.  Now I don’t want to jinx anything for a certain baseball club or their city (we’re a little superstitious around these parts), but I have to at least mention that there is a possibility history could be made this year (especially after last night’s win!)  If you haven’t heard, it was 1945 the last time this particular baseball club was in the World Series, and 37 years prior to that the last time they won the title (they won World Series titles in 1907 & 1908).


When you think about it, it is pretty incredible that 107 years ago The Thorsen family could have been getting ready to root, root, root for their Cubbies to eventually win the World Series!


Wondering if there was ever a Dane in Major League Baseball?  Read here for that story!


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