November 12, 2015



Hygge season is officially upon us, and although I have mentioned this Danish concept previously I just can’t help but revisit it here since we are really settling into the throws of it now.  Hygge is something that is not easily translatable into words.  It is more of a feeling and emotion.  It can be different for everyone because it embodies the sentiment we feel individually when we participate in anything that brings comfort and joy.


With the uhyggelig  (spookiness) of Halloween behind us our thoughts turn toward the winter holidays.  This may bring opportunities to catch up with family and friends or volunteering time to others during this giving season.  Or maybe it brings you joy to host dinner parties or attend dejilig (wonderful) events.  Perhaps it’s relishing in a relaxing night with a great glass of wine and a warm fire.  All of these are very hyggelig.




Interestingly enough, football can also be considered hyggelig.  If you are American you are most likely thinking to yourself that there is probably nothing less warm and cozy than watching American football (or the European version for that matter).  If you are anything like the people I know sports are watched with fanatical vigor, a lot of screaming and much frustration – not cozy at all.  If you are lucky hygge comes afterward, and only if your team has won.


However, sports events like football are all about hygge.  They bring our favorite people together to spend time enjoying a common interest, usually with lots of food, drink and fun.  Even if, like me, you are there only for the latter! After all, you don’t have to be a fan to enjoy football hyyge! It’s about spending that quality time together doing what makes you happy and content.  In America there is just something about Sundays that is embodies this, am I right?


swedish footballdanske footballSo, hygglig on this Sunday as you watch American football.  Additionally, it is a very big football weekend for our Scandinavian friends as Sweden takes on Denmark this Saturday at Friends Arena in Stockholm to decide who advances to the Euro 2016 football finals next year in France.  Sweden is in a EURO play-off for the first time and Denmark is one of three teams who have won both legs of a play-off tie (vs. Israel in 2000). It is sure to be a nail-biting match!


More Hygge:

scandinavian coloring

This is my recent hygge happy place! (insert pic of Scandinavian adult coloring book I found)



h&wAnd piggy-backing on last week’s post on Scandinavian design (read it here), if hygge to you is the beauty of Rifle Paper Co. (oh, I love you so!), the wonder over at Design Sponge (‘your home for all things design’), and the euphoria over Scandinavian-inspired eye candy for the home, head on over to Minneapolis-based wallpaper company Hygge & West.  You will not be disappointed! (And read more about art, fashion and design inspiration on social media platforms such as Instagram in this New York Times article)

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