December 3, 2015

small business saturday giving tuesdayI had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family and I hope you did as well!  Hopefully you stayed injury-free if you ventured out for Black Friday.  Although I have to say that I am really loving the emphasis on Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday this year.  It is really heartwarming to see an importance placed on goodwill, compassion and kindness. A welcome respite from years past!


dec calendar

It’s really unbelievable to think that there are only 28 days left of 2015!!  Where did the year go?  Now that December is here it is officially time to begin dropping the Danish phrase vi juler!  Yes, leave it to the Danes to convey their love and excitement for jule (Christmas) by verbifying it!



cookiesIf you are not familiar with this phrase you can begin practicing it now and get yourself familiarized since we’re already neck-deep in holiday season.  Whether you are baking brunkager (holiday cookies), decorating the juletræ (Christmas tree), or singing traditional Danish songs, such as Nu er det jul igen (Now it’s Christmas Again), “vi juler! is the perfect phrase to express this ‘hjerternes fest’ (party of the hearts).


retro-christmas-cards-a1x8g2ffNow that you are all well versed in this fun Danish expression, let’s move on to the perfect time to use it.  If I love one thing most about this season it’s celebrating cherished family traditions each year, and there are so many ways to do so! Each of these is the perfect opportunity to practice exclaiming, “vi juler!


julenisseOne of our favorite traditions recently is Elf on the Shelf.  It has been a very popular phenomenon here in the US for the past ten years or so. However, it has had its share of elfin embroilment. Despite that, it is a fun take on a tradition that everyone is familiar with.  In my family Mormor has fun participating with her grandkids because it is similar to nissemand (elf man) or nisser (elves) – Scandinavian Christmas elves that she would tell me stories of when I was a child.  Elves are obviously a very important part of any Christmas holiday.  After all, how else will Julenisser (Santa Claus) know if you’re naughty or nice?!


As is the magic of tradition, a piece of my Danish roots are again being passed down in the form of a new enchanting holiday ritual that will become a cherished part of my children’s lives. This is why vi juler! Is such an important phrase – it conveys the best parts of the holiday season!



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