December 9, 2015


reflectWith the end of 2015 drawing near it is only fitting that a bit of time is spent discussing what makes the holiday season so magical.  Aside from beloved traditions, the wondrous spirit of giving and the coziness of it all, I believe it also affords us the opportunity to do some reflecting. This can mean reminiscing with friends and family about cherishes memories, quietly pondering the previous year, or both.  During the holiday season a bit of gratitude goes a long way.


2016This time of the year also invites us to look to the future.  With the New Year come new goals and ambitions, and on January 1st we can say that things start anew.  We can (and often do) resolve to make changes, big or small, whatever they may be, and to anticipate what may lie ahead this upcoming year.  It is an exciting time, which explains why we await its arrival with joy and revelry.  However, we can never really know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve been.


100Today The Hope Chest celebrates its’ 100th post.  It is a wonderful anniversary for us because this blog represents our reverence to those who came before us and a nod to our legacy here in America that is almost 125 years in the making.  Not to mention, our deep-seeded love for Scandinavian-American history and culture.


emma Thorsen

Founder Emma Thorsen

Two years ago we set out to pay homage to twelve innovative women who envisioned opening a home to help the elderly live with dignity in Chicago.  At the end of the 19th century the newly booming metropolis of Chicago held many challenges for these ladies, most of who emigrated from Denmark.  However, their perseverance, compassion and strong sense of tradition guided their mission.   In “Founding Mother” Emma Thorsen’s parlor on the north side of Chicago in 1891 twelve women formed The Society for the Danish Old Peoples’ Home.  Eleven years later the doors of The Danish Old Peoples’ Home opened in Norwood Park, Chicago.


Although the storyline of the Hope Chest is a work of fiction, it has been creatively crafted to weave The Danish Home’s intriguing true historical past with a fascinating narrative in order to bridge the generations and showcase a common theme.   Our aim each week is to share a piece of our history and our love and pride for our Scandinavian heritage with you, along with Nordic recipes, traditions and other fun stuff, yet also express how we are, in essence, all connected.


giveawaySince it is our 100th post we wanted to celebrate by giving away $100!  Leave a comment below and tell us what you are grateful for this holiday season.  We will randomly select a winner by December 16th.  You must be a subscriber to win, so sign up today (left-hand side of the page!). It’s the easiest $100 you’ve ever made, and just in time for the holidays! 


Mange Tak  (many thanks) for joining us on this journey, skål (cheers) to more adventures together and held og lykke (good luck)!


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