January 13, 2016 


fireworksSince my international New Year celebration I have been fortunate enough to keep in regular contact with my “new” relatives over these past couple of weeks.  If you read this post, I call them new because I had never even met most of them before their trip here for the holidays, the exception being my Mormor’s kusine (cousin) Catrine, and that was so long ago I can’t even remember.  However, my cousin Annelise (third cousin, actually, if I’ve figured it correctly) and I got on so well that we talk nearly every day!


I’ve always found history, ancestry and getting to know people so very interesting, but since I am on this new quest to find out more about my own Danish lineage I can’t help but think that finally meeting my extended Danish side was meant to be!  She and her family have already given me a wealth of knowledge about where we came from, and I can’t wait to uncover more!


my countryI find our time spent talking (let’s face it, with the time difference and our children it’s more like text and e-mail!) to be so genuinely enjoyable.  I love hearing about our cultural similarities and differences, or just talking about our day-to-day lives.  I guess I expected it to be so different from hers, but when it comes down to it our lives are both quite similar.


Take television and movies, for example.  This week she and I have talked a lot about this because the 73rd Golden Globes took place this Sunday, and although everyone has heard all about that look by now we were more interested in that movie.



The Danish Girl was filmed in historic Nyhavn

The Danish Girl is a film starring Eddie Redmayne and is based on David Ebershoff’s international bestselling novel from 2000 of the same name about transgendered Danish painter Lili Elbe.  It has won critical acclaim and stirred up its fair share of controversy.  The film was nominated for three Golden Globe awards, but went home empty handed.  I guess now we’ll have to wait for the Oscar nominations to be announced tomorrow morning.


BodilThe 88th annual Oscars happen Sunday, February 28th, but Annelise tells me that the the Bodil Awards and the Robert Awards are the major film awards in Denmark.  The Bodil Awards, given by the Danish Film Critics Association, are the oldest awards, around since 1948. In Danish the meaning of the name Bodil comes from the Old Norse name Bóthildr: bót meaning “remedy” and hildr meaning  “battle”, which is quite fitting.  The 69th Annual Bodil Award Nominations were just announced, and the ceremony will be held on March 5th.  The Robert prisen (Robert Awards), awarded by the Danish Film Academy and named after Danish sculptor Robert Jacobsen, the statue’s creator, have been around since 1984 (see this year’s Robert Award nominees here).  They will take place February 7th.


We will both be watching our favorite award shows in the coming months, and perhaps even each other’s now that we’ve learned so much about.  Not to mention with this weather we’ll need something to keep us busy indoors!


I’m excited to see what my ‘Danish Girl’ will introduced me to next!


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