March 2, 2016


tablescapeIn the past few weeks, I have been inspired to delve even deeper into the exploration of authentic Scandinavian recipes and tradition.  Not that it should come as a surprise that I would welcome such a task. My obsession with Nordic culture (albeit a healthy one) is pretty apparent, and warranted, considering the devotion I have for my Danish-American heritage.  I am just a gal looking to discover more about her culture!




easter brunchMy epicurean inquiry stems from a few recent events that have popped up.  The first one being that there are only 18 days until spring (yay!), which always seems to be a catalyst for inspiration and celebration.  The second was an invitation to help plan a friend’s upcoming Nordic-inspired baby shower.  The mother-to-be is originally from Sweden and we thought it would be special to incorporate some traditional touches to her special day, which isn’t too off-beat considering that Scandinavian style is fresh, soft and simple – perfect for a springtime baby!  The third event was a rather persuasive conversation I had with my mother and Mormor regarding Easter brunch.  Long story short, I was strong-armed into hosting it, something I’ve never done.



colorsOn the one hand, both of these events are lovely, and I would look forward to them both, as a gæst (guest).  I adore the dejlig (lovely) colors of springtime with its gul (yellow), lilla (lilac), lyserød (pink) and grøn (green).  Just thinking of a baby shower in the springtime evokes images of happiness, birth and renewal, not to mention the infinite decorating and recipe ideas!




CRDMbF0UAAE69MVHowever, hosting involves a whole other layer of stress, especially when the guests have decades upon decades of practice preparing traditional Scandinavian recipes between them!  At first the thought of madlavning (cooking) a traditional Scandinavian meal for Danes and Swedes unnerved me, but as the Swedish proverb goes, “Det bästa stället att finna en hjälpande hand är I slutet av din egen arm” (the best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm). I thought it was wisest to just roll up my sleeves and get to it.



easter recipesHonestly, I did not get very far. Thankfully, also at the end of my arm was a phone and a really fast internet connection, so I got to work interrogating politely contacting my own team of trusted experts with a wealth of knowledge on the subject: my mother, Mormor and Annelise. With their help, I am now well on my way to planning two amazing upcoming forår (spring) events, and very excited to see how they both turn out! I am also much more more excited (rather than terrified) to learn to cook all of my most favorite Scandinavian recipes.




I still have loads to do, but you can follow along as I design Tilde’s Scandinavian-inspired baby shower, as well as organize my family’s upcoming Easter brunch, both include menu and decorating ideas. Selvfølgelig (of course), any helpful Nordic tips and traditional opskrifter (recipes) you may have are always appreciated!  Leave a comment for me below and your idea just may add the perfect touch!