September 29, 2016



After returning to the states from my Scandinavian adventure, I could not wait to visit Mormor and expound on the glorious details of her home country. I was so curious to see if certain places have changed much since she had last visited and what she thought. She was so thrilled, and beamed as we looked through the pictures together. We shared our stories, both new and old, and I really cherished that special time we spent together at The Danish Home that afternoon.

Lunch At Grandmother’s House by Carl Bloch (Danish painter, 1834-1890)



Connecting to my heritage while in Scandinavia was so important because it gave me perspective I previously lacked. With this newfound knowledge and experience, I now feel linked to my past. I came to this realization while talking with Mormor. It became evident that her generation holds the key linking our past Scandinavian heritage to the future, and passing on important traditions, customs and stories preserves the legacy of our Scandinavian culture.

The first Danish Hom. Norwood Park, Chicago, early 1900s


Just ten days ago, on September 18th, Mormor attended The Danish Home’s Annual Benefit where The Danish Home Foundation proudly honored three distinguished organizations with its 2016 Essence Award. The Dagmar Sisterhood Lodge No. 4, The Dania Society and The Danish American Athletic Club (DAAC) were all bestowed this prestigious honor because of their continuous efforts in preserving Scandinavian heritage and culture. From extensively volunteering to assist residents and supporting Danish Home programs, to organizing many events for the Danish Home, including their summer and fall festivals. Additionally, these three organizations plan monthly Danish movie nights and two large fundraisers annually. These three amazing organizations have done so much for the Danish community.

The Danish Sisterhood of America shows their spirit at the Norwegian parade


The Danish Home of Chicago is a unique Chicago organization that celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2017. Without the support of friends and organizations in the community, The Danish Home simply would not be what it is today. Founder Emma Thorsen, who gathered eleven valiant women to meet about helping elderly Danish immigrants and Danish-Americans in 1891, would be proud of what her vision has become.

Danish Home of Chicago founder Emma Thorsen



This is a phenomenal anniversary, and a wonderful time to be a part of this loving and proud community. The celebration continues through the remainder of 2016 and throughout 2017, so be sure to tune back in so you don’t miss any of the contests and events that will be taking place! Catch the 125th Spirit of the Danish Home of Chicago!


To see pictures of the Essence Award winners please visit the Danish Home Facebook page