December 1, 2016


When you think about your favorite story or memory, what type of feeling does it evoke? Does it center on a beloved family tradition, such as baking brunkager (holiday cookies) or using an old family recipe to cook det danske køkken (Danish cuisine)? Perhaps it reminds you of a trip you took or a song you love to sing. If you cherish traditions in your life that bring continuous joy, then read on to learn how you can enter an amazing contest to share and celebrate the spirit of tradition!



So many wonderful memories are made around the holidays..


Family traditions are a way of preserving our heritage. Customs such as the lighting of the stearinlys (stearin candles) on the adventskrans (Advent wreath) or opening the first Advent window, spark a nostalgic chord. For me, I would often hear Mormor singing traditional Danish songs around this time of year. My favorite, Nu er det jul igen (Now it’s Christmas Again), was always sung with the entire family gathered around the Christmas tree.



The first candle of Advent was lit last Sunday.


Those memories are so very special to me, as I’m sure you have many of your own. That is the most wonderful aspect of the holiday season; that there are so many beautiful stories originating during this time of year. Yes, the nedtælling (countdown) to jul (Christmas) has begun, and with it comes many opportunities to share our stories with one another.



Singing around the Christmas tree is such a treasured Danish tradition!


November marks the beginning of the holiday season, which is the perfect time to celebrate National Family Stories Month. Gathered together over the next few weeks, many of us will have ample time to reminisce with loved ones on all of the unique memories that create our own unique story.



Share your story (source)


The simple act of storytelling has the ability to bring people together. Generations can be bridged through harrowing tales of warfare, treasured tales of love and healing, and funny anecdotes about life. The narrative we pass on to one another honors the legacy of our ancestors and ignites passion in our future generations.



Have you ever sat with your mother or father and listened as they told you with twinkling eyes about their childhood? Perhaps you’ve spent time in the kitchen as your grandmother crafted a savored family recipe from scratch, with extra love on the side. Remember all of those laughs you’ve shared with aunts, uncles and cousins? When you share a laugh with aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings, doesn’t it light up your soul?



Spending time together will always be remembered.


This is the power of sharing with one another. By telling our narrative, sharing a joke or a recipe, and spending time with the ones we love we are simply adding to the plot of our unique family story. Even from a stranger, hearing about life from a new perspective is fascinating!



They are more interested in your stories…


Are you inspired to share some of your most cherished and treasured memories right now?! It could be about a memorable time spent with a beloved relative, a decorating debacle, or a favorite recipe, book, or song you love. Hearing holiday memories always put people in great spirits! Submit your official entry here. The most creative, heartfelt and hilarious entries will be celebrated on our website ( and will be featured in this blog, read by 10,000 visitors! They will also be entered into our grand prize drawing for $500!  Enter today!