February 2, 2017



Growing up, I was pampered with the blessings of being raised in a Danish-American household. Not only because I was surrounded by my extended family much of the time, but also due to the traditional Danish meals that were prepared for us nearly every day.


Mormor passed down many authentic Scandinavian recipes to my mother who, in turn, spoiled my siblings and I with these delicious traditional culinary creations. Most evenings, the most wonderful aromas would waft throughout the house. Friends never wanted to leave! My mother (and father too) would often times weave these traditional Danish dishes in with our American favorites, inventing their own epicurean masterpieces, which I still use today.



Of course, there were the tried-and-true traditional smørrebrød sandwiches (originally smør og brød, meaning “butter and bread”), frikadeller (meatballs), Medisterpolse (Danish sausage), pandekager (Danish pancakes) and Mormor’s ultimate favorite, bøf Lindstrøm (Lindstrom steak) usually prepared in her exquisite brun sovs (brown sauce). Just thinking about these favorite dishes makes my mouth water! Of course, there are far too many to mention here, so visit here for many more Scandinavian recipes).



Regardless of who invented it, bøf Lindstrøm is delicious! (source)


As I mentioned, one of Mormor’s favorite meals to make was a true Scandinavian classic called bøf Lindstrøm. According to legend (and there are a few), it was first served sometime in the 1850s at Hotel Witt in Kalmar, Sweden. That much is agreed upon. However, there are a few different stories about its origins. One being that Captain Henrik Lindstrom allegedly brought the dish from Russia to Sweden in May 1862 when he introduced it at Hotel Witt. Another involves Norwegian chef and pioneer Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm, who was involved in three famous Norwegian polar expeditions, including missions to the poles and through the Northwest Passage. Some say it was a woman named Anna Maria Lindstrøm. I couldn’t find much about her, but perhaps she was a mother to one of these men. After all, mothers often make the most delicious recipes *wink*.


After reading this interesting article, I began to reminisce on all of those delectable recipes that Mormor (and other family members) has so lovingly prepared for me over the years. Today the chef at The Danish Home of Chicago pampers her, and she couldn’t be happier! I may be a bit biased, but the above-mentioned recipes are some of my most favorite Scandinavian recipes of all time. I hope that you can find inspiration in trying one (or more) of them this week!


Do you have any recipes you would like to add to this list?

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