Lili – March 14, 2017

I tapped my fingers impatiently on the steering wheel of my Toyota Highlander, stuck on the Eden’s Expressway for the third time that week. After a shopping trip with my eldest daughter and lunch with my sister, Helga, this time I was heading to The Danish Home for a very important meeting, so I really didn’t want to be late again.  I started wondering how my two-times great grandmother, Margrethe Olsen, would have made her way there. She worked very hard to raise money for the Home, but probably not as hard as yours truly, Lili, because a) she wasn’t at the beck and call of two teenagers, and b) she didn’t have to put up with this horrible traffic.


Gitte Pedersen is the keynote speaker at The Danish Home Kick-Off Celebration on April 22, 2017. (photo source)

Anyhow, as it turned out, I was only 10 minutes late, which was entirely the fault of the mail truck driver, but since there was no damage, we won’t mention it – especially not to my husband. I’m one of those people who can’t say no to anything social, especially if it gets me out of the kitchen. So, when I was invited to participate in planning the celebrations for the 125th anniversary of The Danish Home, I answered with a resounding “ja!”.

Like me, three other people invited to help plan were descendants of one of the original founders. To be honest, I felt pretty special. I had thought there was going to be just one event celebrating 125 years of Danish Home history, but it turns out there are four. It all kicks off with the Women’s Auxiliary Luncheon on April 22. I think I’ll bring Helga along to that one, because the keynote speaker is Gitte Pedersen, who is giving a really inspiring talk about helping cancer patients. Helga is a breast cancer survivor, so I think I’ll treat her.

In June, The Danish Home gardens will be transformed into the Tivoli Gardens! I’m definitely bringing my husband, Brad. He’s not a keen gardener, before you ask, but he loves to gamble and there’s a casino night.

Tivoli Debbe

Guests will feel like they’re at Tivoli Gardens at our “Spirit of Family” event on June 24, 2017. (photo source)

We’ll be back in August for the Cuisine and Spirits event, too. Fingers crossed, he wins enough to be a sponsor. I’ll tell him it’s a great way for him to advertise his business on our website, but really, I’m thinking it means we’ll be able to bring the girls and some friends, because seats are included in the package.

Don’t you just love Christmas? I know I shouldn’t be talking about it in March, but The Danish Home is holding a family event full of Scandinavian holiday traditions on December 9. Definitely one for the children. Best of all, it gets me out of the kitchen for another night!

Of course, the most important thing is that I’ll simply have to buy some new outfits! I love choosing what to wear for events. It can be trickier than it looks. On one hand, I want to look very businesslike because I may have volunteered to do a little fundraising and sell a few tables. On the other, well, you can never look too fabulous, can you?