Mia – May 15, 2017

There are much more exciting family holidays than Mother’s Day—Christmas, of course, and Thanksgiving—and holidays like Halloween and the Fourth of July that are especially good for celebrating with neighbors and friends. But when you’re mom to three young kids, nothing compares to being spoiled and celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Yesterday marked my tenth Mother’s Day, and I am lucky to report that my husband, John, always makes the day special with the help of our kids, Jake, Astrid and Alex. Our family tradition evolved over the years and now includes beautiful flowers, a special breakfast, and time together in the garden. While those elements are non-negotiable, John likes to keep me guessing, and I’m always excited to see what new version of each he and the kids have cooked up.

There is nothing like beautiful flowers to celebrate a mother's love on Mother's Day.

Nothing says “I love you, mom” like a bouquet of beautiful red and white roses.

My husband knows how much I value my Danish roots, so he makes sure the scheme for every Mother’s Day is red and white. The Danes celebrate “Mors Dag” on the same day Americans do and have since 1929. It was brought to Denmark by Christian Svenningsen, a parliament officer who had immigrated to the U.S. in 1911 and learned of the holiday, which became a national observance in 1914.

Speaking of my roots, no Mother’s Day weekend would be complete without a stop at The Danish Home, which celebrated the holiday with a champagne brunch featuring entertainment by Those Funny Little People. I love to trade stories with the lovely ladies who are celebrated that day and to realize that some things, like mother love, never do change.

Sunday found me luxuriating in bed for an extra hour and awaiting a visit from my rambunctious threesome. Sure enough, they arrived bearing homemade cards and an invitation to hurry downstairs for breakfast.

There I found a bouquet of the most incredible red roses splashed with white—something I’d never before seen. That’s quite a feat in a decade of Mother’s Days that have been punctuated by bouquets of gorgeous red and white tulips and roses, window boxes of red star petunias and velvety Sweet William and, once, even a bag of dahlia bulbs that grew into the most amazing deep-red flowers with a profusion of white-tipped petals.

Mother’s Day breakfast is similarly creative and always delicious. I’ve been called to the kitchen for heart-shaped waffles dripping with strawberries, a Danish apple tart, and cheese Danishes topped with jewel-like raspberries. But this year, John and the kids outdid themselves by whipping up a batch of
æbleskiver—Danish puff pancakes laced with delectable lingonberry jam and finished with a dusting of powdered sugar.

By the look of it, Alex, my sticky 5-year-old, had manned the jam pot while Jake, 9, helped John keep a careful eye on the aebleskiver pan. I knew I could count on Astrid, 7, to make sure the red-and-white checked tablecloth was in place.

Aebleskiver is a delectable puff pastry treat on Mother's Day -- or any day!

Aebleskiver is a delectable puff pastry treat on Mother’s Day — or any day!

Then, once we’d given our full tummies a chance to digest, we headed into the garden for a couple of hours, because what other day of the year can a hard-working mom command the help of an uncomplaining team of weed-pullers and flower-planters?

All in all, it was a beautiful day.