Ella – June 5, 2017

June is abloom with activity – in my own garden and at The Danish Home, too!

When I began planning my spring planting and considering whether the roses I like are suited to the Midwestern Zone 5 climate that swings from freezing to humid, I wondered what my ancestors would have planted back in Denmark and what others there might be contemplating to brighten up their landscapes.

After some research into the homeland’s climate, I learned that Denmark’s seasons are similar to those of the American Midwest. In the western parts of Denmark, there are Atlantic climates – western winds and more rain, and eastern areas have more continental climates with very cold winters and hot summers. So, spring is a popular time for planting there as well and, like here, tulips are a colorful favorite.

The national flower of Denmark is the Red Clover, according to gardenguides.com, but other sources insist the Marguerite Daisy is the country’s national flower. Regardless, both bring colorful blooms throughout the summer months. The Red Clover is also considered a medicinal plant and recognized by some as a beneficial dietary supplement. The flower is credited with helping women cope with symptoms of menopause.

red clover

Some botanical sources list the Red Clover as Denmark’s national flower, while others declare it’s the Marguerite Daisy. Regardless, they’re equally lovely, and like these flowers, The Danish Home’s Tivoli Gardens and Casino Night on June 24 will be abloom with activity for the entire family.

Chicago has many beautiful parks and gardens to visit during the spring that are abloom with color and fragrance, as does Denmark. In fact, 31 different gardens and parks are listed in Denmark by tripadvisor.com, including Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

While I won’t have an opportunity this year to visit any of these gardens, I am reminded how much I am looking forward to the Tivoli Gardens and Casino Night this month, part of the “Spirit of Family” marking The Danish Home’s 125th anniversary! Held from 2:00-10:00 p.m. on June 24th, the event will take on a summerfest atmosphere, with games, rides, live entertainment, and more, and there are sure to be beautiful flowers blooming throughout The Danish Home grounds.

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is the second-oldest theme park in the world, but at night, lamps and trees and flowers make it a romantic setting that is a popular site for weddings. Unlike Chicago, Denmark has many large royal gardens with storybook castles as the backdrop. King’s Garden in Copenhagen, also referred to as Rosenborg Garden, was laid out during the reign of King Christian IV and sports huge, lush flowerbeds. The grounds have rose gardens, fountains and sculptures, described by visitors as an oasis.

Marguerite Daisies

Marguerite Daisies abound in Denmark.

Not unlike the Chicago area, Denmark is quite vibrant with flowers and trees in spring and into late summer. I may consider adding daisies to my outdoor planters this year to bring a ray of sunshine and a hint of Denmark into my own backyard.

Or, maybe I’ll get some ideas at the Tivoli Gardens event June 24th, inspired by the gorgeous grounds of The Danish Home!