Lili – July 10, 2017

There are some days when I feel just as Danish as my two-times great-grandmother, Margrethe Olsen, one of the founders of The Danish Home. Other days, not so much. The truth is, she moved to the U.S. from Denmark as a teenager. Me, I visited Copenhagen for five days as a teenager on a school trip.

Yet, despite our geographic discrepancies and distance across the generations, I feel a closeness to her beyond just kinship. It’s more like a meeting of the hearts. Like her, I always want to be helping others. Yet, sometimes, I can get a little carried away. Perhaps Margrethe could too, but who can fault someone for over-generosity of spirit?

The Danish expression "lagom" embraces the idea that "less is more."

The Danish expression “lagom” embraces the idea that “less is more.”

Some might say I was a bit overzealous with my ideas for the June 24 “Tivoli Gardens and Casino Night” that I helped organize as part of The Danish Home’s Spirit of 125 celebration. I just couldn’t stop myself from suggesting more things to add – right up to the day of the event! When I suggested a dunk tank, I think I went too far. But, had June 24 been a typical summer scorcher instead of the breezy, lovely day it turned out to be, the dunk tank might have been a welcome relief!

My mother often tells me I should follow the Swedish model of lagom. “Its closest translation is ‘less is more’,” she told me some years ago. “In Sweden, people place more value on the way of life than the things in life.” Perhaps you should concentrate on one thing at a time,” she suggests.

Chef Stig Hansen will create some of Scandinavia's finest cuisine on August 10 at The Danish Home's "Cuisine and Spirits" event.

Chef Stig Hansen will create savory expressions of Denmark, offering some of Scandinavia’s finest cuisine on August 10 at The Danish Home’s “Cuisine and Spirits” event.

Although my mother, “Mor,” was born in the U.S., some days she’s as Danish as Queen Margrethe, with expressions of Denmark coming fast and furious! When I was little she’d tell me to “spis lige brod.” Literally, it means “eat some bread,” but as a proverb, it means to calm down. I admit I wasn’t always the mellowest kid, and she’d often find me with my “haret I postkassen,” or “hair (caught) in the mailbox!”

Perhaps Mor is right; I should take a breather now and again and pare down the “stuff” of life. But for now, I’m busily (and happily!) making things happen for “Cuisine and Spirits,” a wonderful culinary event at The Danish Home, coming up on Thursday, August 10, 6:00 p.m. This evening will celebrate the “Spirit of Friends,” which is right in line with the more well-known Danish concept of hygge, meaning to cozy up with good friends, good food and drink, and make good memories.

That’s exactly what “Cuisine and Spirits” is sure to be – a night to remember – with award-winning, world-renowned Danish Chef Stig Hansen, who is coming from Denmark to The Danish Home to create some of Scandinavia’s finest dishes, paired with wine and beer. Guests will be able to vote on their favorites, too! We’re all working to make sure it’s super “vellykket” (successful) and can’t wait for the event to arrive, just one month from today!