Ingrid – April 16, 2018

After the harrowing experience of doing my taxes last night (yes, I’m that person who waits until the last minute), I am really in need of something fun to look forward to. Good thing The Danish Home’s Women’s Auxiliary Spring Luncheon is this Saturday, April 21. Even though it’s snowing as I write (argggh – it’s April, for Pete’s sake!), I’m excited about celebrating spring with the friends and family of The Danish Home.

This annual luncheon was so fun and special last year, as it was the kick-off for The Danish Home’s 125th anniversary festivities. In addition to other Chicago-area descendants of The Danish Home’s founders, I met John Thorsen, Jr., a New York resident and the great-great grandson of founder and president Emma Thorsen. John discovered his relationship to Emma right here on The Hope Chest, and he and his family were special guests at last year’s luncheon. How cool is that?

Women's Auxiliary - 125th Kick-off

John Thorsen, Jr. and his family were special guests at The Danish Home’s annual spring luncheon last year. Thorsen discovered the influence of his great-great grandmother, The Danish Home founder Emma Thorsen, through The Hope Chest blog!

This year’s luncheon is particularly special, too, as it’s the 60th annual benefit spring luncheon for The Danish Home. As always with the many special events at The Danish Home, I cannot help but imagine my GiGi (great-great-great-grandmother Olivia Rose and a founder of The Danish Home) beaming with pride at all that has happened in the 127 years since she and 11 other forward-thinking women committed to creating a caring place for older adults to call home. I think she’d be thrilled to know that over 200 women belong to the Women’s Auxiliary and that they’re keeping the traditions of The Danish Home alive throughout the generations.

My roommate Lindsay and I are taking her grandfather, “Farfar,” to the luncheon, though he balked at first. “This is a women’s luncheon!” he protested. “Gentlemen are welcome,” we told him, showing him the invitation that says so. He hesitated still, until I informed him that the entertainment for the afternoon is Barrington High School’s Men’s Choral Group, X Acapella, and that my fellow Hope Chest diarists Lili and Mia are bringing their husbands. “You won’t be the only man!” I assured him.

Beginning with cocktails at 11:00am at the Stonegate Conference and Banquet Centre in Hoffman Estates, the luncheon will feature some great raffle and silent auction items. I already know about a few of them and am really hoping to be the lucky winner of the grand prize “Skål! Wine and Spirits Basket.”

This choice basket includes a bottle of Jubileum Aquavit, a bottle of Grey Goose, four bottles of wine, one split of champagne, a chic cork wine carrier and wine opener, heart-shaped wine stopper, four flying geese metal stirrers, and paper wine charms. We’re having a party for my upcoming 30th birthday, so these potable gems will come in handy!

Farfar has his eye on another prize: four tickets to the Chicago White Sox game on May 4, including parking, against the Minnesota Twins. I’m a Cubs fan, but Farfar’s allegiances lie more with our team to the south. “And who will be your guests if you win, Farfar?” Lindsay asked him. “Ingrid, you’re a Cubs fan, so you’re out!” he teased. I’m aware from our long discussions at The Danish Home that Farfar was quite the athlete in his youth, having played handball at the University of Copenhagen and a form of baseball in local parks. Denmark didn’t have a national baseball team until 2014.

Among several great raffle and silent auction prizes at this year’s Danish Home spring luncheon is a year’s membership to the Morton Arboretum.

Other prizes I’m aware of are a year’s membership to the Morton Arboretum and a “Denmark Basket,” the contents of which I’m excited to see because I’m trying to build my own collection of treats, decorations and mementos from the homeland. I’m sure there will be many more fun raffle and auction prizes, too.

Anyone interested in attending the luncheon should register online now, while the opportunity is still available. Hurry! You don’t want to miss this special event, as we’re all sure to have a wonderful time!

Other spring events coming soon to The Danish Home are a Mother’s Day High Tea on April 28 and a delicious smørrebrød luncheon on May 19. No matter what our crazy Chicago weather has in mind, The Danish Home is celebrating spring with begejstring!