Ingrid – April 1, 2019

My roommate Lindsay (Farfar’s granddaughter) and I were among about 90 people who attended the 61st Annual Women’s Auxiliary Spring Luncheon at Villa Brunetti Banquets in Franklin Park this past Saturday. We arrived at 11:00 a.m. for cocktails and socializing and lunched at noon with some wonderful residents we’ve gotten to know on our visits to The Danish Home. Their life stories always amaze me!

An older couple sit clasping hands at a table in a dining hall.

Friends and family gathered to lunch and celebrate spring at The Danish Home’s 61st Annual Spring Luncheon on March 30.

The first thing we noticed in the beautiful dining room were the cheery flowers at every table. Spring is officially here, but the weather still doesn’t feel like it, so it was nice to see a sea of flowers all at once. The daffodils we planted in our apartment window box are just starting to poke their way through the dirt, but their happy yellow faces are still a ways off.

One of the residents at our table told us that Peter Ørum and his wife Irma donated the spring table flowers as well as a gorgeous basket that is now gracing The Danish Home. Peter is the man whose family received The Danish Home’s 2018 Essence Award for their longtime financial and hands-on support of the senior retirement community. Farfar especially enjoys Peter’s company and hearing about all he has done for The Danish Home as well as the greater Chicago community.

Two older couples at a table in a large dining hall.

Peter and Irma Ørum (seated) generously donated table flowers for the luncheon.

Lunch fare was a yummy soup, spring salad, lemon chicken with mashed potatoes, green beans, and ice cream for dessert. Linz and I really got into the awesome raffle prizes (I had my eye on Cubs tickets!), but we didn’t go home with any. That’s okay, because raffle proceeds benefit The Danish Home Foundation, and I can’t think of a better cause.

The afternoon’s entertainment was a throwback to before Lindsay’s and my time, but the people at our table knew – and sang along with – every Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin number that the rat pack and retro pop singer (aptly dubbed Stevie Swing) performed. I must say we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit and even sang along a little, too.

After the luncheon coordinated by Karen Nylen Swidergal, Linz and I went to The Danish Home to visit with Farfar. “You should have come with us, Farfar,” Lindsay told him. “Lots of men were there.” Farfar said he was perfectly content with the day’s activities at The Danish Home, thank you very much.

“Maybe next year,” he said. “You know what?” he added thoughtfully. “I was just a little older than you two are now when the first luncheon happened in 1958. Sigrid and I went to it. I remember she wore a pink dress. Lovely as a flower.”