It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

December 10, 2013 December is a month filled with holiday celebrations and traditions. No sooner are the turkey leftovers finished and the last of the pumpkin pie scraped clean from the plate than it seems the boxes of holiday decorations and lights make their way out of their doldrums for their annual debut. Ornaments, baubles…


Giving Thanks

Another holiday season is upon us and the signs are everywhere, from decorations and lights going up to the Annual Magnificent Mile Lights Festival that took place this past weekend. This is the 22nd year of this wondrous Chicago event, which is now quite a tradition in its own right! People come from all over (an estimated 1 million visitors!) for the grand tree-lighting parade and to see the beautiful fireworks display. Not to mention the excitement that the holiday spirit brings us this time of year!

The weather is getting chillier and nearly all of the leaves have fallen off the trees now. During my visit with Mormor last week I couldn’t help but stop on the front walk of The Danish Home and admire the changing scenery.
I’m sure the grounds and the neighborhood would’ve looked somewhat similar to Emma 122 years ago as well, give or take a few buildings and modern conveniences! Although much time has gone by between our eras, and the environment, activities and traditions of The Home may have changed, the welcoming spirit, love of heritage and the friendliness of the people definitely have not. I (along with many others) believe that this is what makes The Danish Home such a special place.


A Danish-Style Birthday Tradition

November 17, 2013   Well the third Wednesday of the month has arrived, and that can only mean one thing around here, The Danish Home of Chicago Birthday Celebration! While visiting my Mormor often over the years, she has told me all about the fun she has each month at the birthday parties. Friends and…