We embrace the Scandinavian value of hygge, which means hospitality, friendship, conviviality…the wish to make everybody comfortable, cared for and loved.

Our Community


We embrace the Scandinavian value of lykkexc, Danish for happiness. Here, among close friends and warm and loving staff, you can’t help but feel happy.

Resident Life


We honor the Scandinavian value of fortrøstning, which means optimism, reliance and trust. Nothing is more important to us than your trust that we will provide a secure future for you.

Our Care Concept

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Annual Fall Fest

Sunday, November 4, 2018 11:30am to 3:00pm



About The Danish Home

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The Danish Home

The Danish Home, founded by 12 pioneering women in 1891 in the Danish tradition of caring for its elderly, is a not-for-profit organization, privately financed and endowed, providing a comfortable, dignified community for the elderly.

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The Danish Home Foundation

The Danish Home Foundation is a not-for-profit organization funded and operated 100% by private donations and endowments. These donations preserve the purpose and spirit of The Danish Home, envisioned by its founders, to provide care and a safe, comfortable haven for older people.

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The Hope Chest Blog

The Hope Chest is a weekly online diary characterized by descendants of five of the founders of The Danish Home. Come along with them as they intertwine the past with the present in the spirit of Danish America.

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