The Danish Home Foundation

When The Danish Home was founded in 1891, it was with the intention of providing care for aging Danes throughout the community.  While the scope has grown through the decades to include seniors of all backgrounds and ethnicities, the goal of providing continuing quality care has remained constant.

In order to help preserve this legacy, The Danish Home Foundation, which serves as the fundraising arm of The Danish Home, was created in 2013. “We are carrying on the founders’ foresight and working to ensure that their traditions continue…the tradition of caring for the seniors of the community,” said Scott Swanson, president/CEO of The Danish Home.

The fundraising role of The Danish Home Foundation is crucial to the community as it moves forward.  “Unlike other similar organizations, The Danish Home does not receive any federal or state dollars.  Consequently, we are more dependent on the Foundation’s success,” Scott said.

Funds raised through the work of The Danish Home Foundation will be used for two primary purposes. First, the money will be directed to provide charitable care for those residents who have exhausted their own financial resources. “This is a very important legacy that was established when The Danish Home was first founded in 1891 and remains a top priority,” said Scott.

Additionally, funds are used for capital improvements at The Danish Home.

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