Poor air quality from Canadian fires did nothing to deter fans from The Danish Home’s annual Summerfest this year. With dozens of volunteers, guests, families, and friends, attendance reached nearly 500 people who took to the festivities excitedly.

“This year, we were very pleased to showcase the plans for our new expansion, which will begin in the fall,” said Scott Swanson, CEO and President of The Danish Home. “We set up a special booth to share the architectural renderings and allow people to pledge donations for the final $1.5 final push. Staked through the tables and grounds were markings of future building features upon project completion.”

The Senior Living community’s Summerfest has always attracted the Norwood Park neighborhood’s local families and supporters of the not-for-profit residence. “We were pleased to see so many new faces this year,” Scott said. “We have welcomed many new residents in the past year, and now their families are also part of ours, especially during these festive times.”

Situated around the lush grounds are various tents tended by dedicated volunteers from The Danish Home’s 200-member Women’s Auxiliary. These talented, loyal volunteers spend months curating prizes for the silent auction, gifts for the raffle, and appraising and organizing jewelry and collectibles found in estates. Other volunteers prepare luscious goodies for the bake sale, and make open-faced sandwiches enjoyed for lunch or dinner by guests, and offer up a Carlsberg beer, wine, or non-alcoholic beverage to chase down a burger or hot dog. Still, other volunteers work at tents for kids, like the Lego tent, arcade game booths, and so much more.

The climax of the afternoon is always when the music starts. This year, Brass from the Past, one of Chicago’s favorite cover bands, revved their powerful horn, rhythm, and vocal performers to keep the crowd’s hands clapping, feet tapping, and hips swinging to favorite songs and artists.