The holidays were fun. Still – you have a nagging feeling that something wasn’t quite right with your elders. The house was messy. They were not as well-kept as they usually are. You’re wondering: are they eating right? Are their bills getting paid on time? Are they taking their medications on schedule? 


You may be thinking: “Is it time to have a difficult conversation with my loved ones?”


Here are a few easy ways The Danish Home knows when you should have “the talk.”


  1. Your loved ones are falling while doing everyday tasks.
  2. Mail is piling up, and past-due notices are too.
  3. Your loved one’s hygiene is being neglected, and their clothes are stained and dirty.
  4. They are losing weight.
  5. They are reluctant to drive and/or leave the house and are becoming isolated and lonely.
  6. They have trouble communicating.


How to have “the talk.”


No one likes to be told what to do at any age. So, we recommend discussing and visiting living options while your loved ones can participate in the decision about where to live – when they are of sound mind and body. 


You may think it is best to have them come live with you. Many do. More than half of adults ages 50 to 80 provide care for someone 65 or older, according to a study by the University of Michigan. But that is not always possible and may only work temporarily, especially if a higher level of medical care is needed. If living with you is not a suitable option for you or your loved one, consider these factors when looking at senior living communities:


  1. Entry costs and costs over time as their health care needs change. Can they afford it? 
  2. If their needs change, is there a continuum of care that will lessen the need to move?
  3. Is it convenient for visitors to stop by regularly?
  4. When your loved one visits the community, how do they feel about it? You may like the one that offers lots of bells and whistles, from spas to pickleball, but your loved one may like the community that feels more like their home and has friendly people, good food, and activities they enjoy. It may be a mile or so further away from you, but their contentment is worth it.


The Danish Home has been caring for seniors for over 130 years and understands what matters most to seniors – the ability to socialize, good food, and security for their health and physical needs. “We are always thrilled to see how people come out of their shells and thrive after they come to live at The Danish Home,” says Scott Swanson, CEO. “And, they make friends they can keep even if they need more help because they will always dine together, and apartments are easily converted from independent to assisted and assisted to healthcare.” Swanson also shared that the robust and highly active volunteer organization at The Danish Home is life-changing for the residents and rarely exists in other not-for-profit organizations, let alone senior living communities. 


The Danish Home 

The Danish Home is a not-for-profit boutique senior living community at 5656 Newcastle in Norwood Park, a residential Chicago neighborhood. Independent, catered, and skilled care are offered on a private pay, rental basis. For information, contact Debi at (773) 775-7383 or visit our website at 


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