The Danish Home of Chicago senior living community is no stranger to tail wags, and belly rubs thanks to President and CEO Scott Swanson’s Portuguese Water Dog Finnegan. This senior living community’s furry friend has become an integral part of their community, bringing joy and friendship to staff and residents alike.


Finnegan, affectionately known as “Finn” or “Hercules” was first welcomed into The Danish Home of Chicago’s family as an eight-week-old puppy in 2014. Scott Swanson has been bringing his furry companion to the senior living community while he works ever since. For nine wonderful years, he has been a constant source of love and companionship for the senior living community as a result of Finn’s daily visits. Due to his cuddly nature and affectionate behavior, he has won the hearts of every person he meets.


“He’s the type of dog you can bring to work. He’s cuddly, sweet, likes to be petted, and is all around just a good dog that brightens everyone’s day,” says Swanson.


One of Finn’s favorite activities includes spending time with the residents. He kicks his day off at the senior living community by venturing to the yard to play fetch with the residents. One resident, Jim Clarke, has formed a special bond and connection with Finn, regularly spending quality time with him. Of course, lots of treats and tricks are involved, as the residents and other staff members of The Danish Home can’t seem to resist his impressive talents that bring smiles all around.


“The residents really like having him near and spending time with him. The ones he favors are, of course, the ones with treats. Sometimes, he’ll even stop outside of a resident’s apartment door after sniffing out a treat or two. If he knows a resident has a treat in a pocket, he’ll sit there and look at them, not wanting to move. His true love is food,” says Swanson.


At The Danish Home, the well-being and happiness of the residents are of utmost importance. While Finn is not an official house pet, the community recognizes the positive impact that animals can have on the lives of their residents. Upon admission, residents are allowed to bring their own dogs or cats if they are socialized.


“I’ve never been so attached to a dog before. I love my dog. I’ve had Finn around me constantly, day in and day out. I couldn’t ask for a better work companion,” says Swanson.


The Danish Home

The Danish Home is a not-for-profit boutique senior living community at 5656 N. Newcastle Ave. in Norwood Park, a residential Chicago neighborhood. Independent, catered, and skilled care are offered on a private pay, rental basis. For information, contact Debi at (773) 775-7383 Ext. 4 or visit our website at